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Why I ditched my dreams of becoming a military officer

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Beyond his dominance as an experienced boxer, Ghana’s finest, Freezy MacBones, wanted to join the military.

Owing to his well-built physique and stamina, Freezy revealed in an interview on Delay Show that, he has always imagined himself as an officer serviceable to any country.


It is for this reason he desired to join the UK army during his first-time trip to London but he was faced with challenges.

According to him, he had no assistance from those he believed could have helped, also, he did not have a proof of address as stated in the forms.

Only 25-year-old then, the boxer said he thought he was too young to join the UK military.


After the failed attempt, Freezy sought a new direction in boxing and found the inspiration while watching a Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight.

“I approached a gym but the instructor rejected me because I was too grown, I was 27-years-old at that time. I left and came back again and met a different instructor, he accepted me. I started training continuously day and night for three years. I turned 30 while at the private gym,” he narrated.

His journey in the boxing arena took a pivotal turn when a video of one of his gym sessions went viral.

50 Cent, Mayweather, and Snoop Dogg shared the video, propelling him into overnight stardom

Freezy’s popularity transformed his social media presence, elevating him from 3,000 followers to an impressive 35,000.

According to him, this was an affirmation that he was on the right path.

Freezy made his mark in the boxing world with a spectacular debut, knocking out his opponent in just 25 seconds during an amateur fight.

However, he suffered five consecutive losses in his subsequent matches before victory came on the sixth match, which ushered him from amateur stage to a pro.

Today, Freezy MacBones stands as a well-known and respected boxer not only in Ghana but across the world.

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